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Exxel Objects General Trading LLC

Exxel Objects is engaged in providing Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals and Refineries, Power, Utilities, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries customers with equipment and system solution. Exxel Objects has built and maintained a strong reputation with key customers in the MENA region as one of the leading Electrical and Electronic Equipment provider. 

We provide operational management and plant integrated systems that enable companies to optimize the process and business knowledge generated throughout their daily operations.


Our Projects

  • Process Equipment, Measurement Skids and Fire Pumping Equipment Packages

    Design and supply Process Equipment Packages such as Installed on Skids (Amine Units, Glycol Unit, Instrument Air Compressors, Nitrogen, Oil/Gas/Water Separation, Crude Oil Stabilization, Direct or Non Direct Fired..
  • Pipeline Equipment Packages

    Design, supply and install SCADA, Instrumentations, valves, UPS Power Supplies, passive Cooled Shelters, Control Room Equipment (DCS, SD, F&G, PLC, Large Displays, Console, etc.) for Gas Oil Plants and Pipelines.
  • Control Equipment and Maintenance Packages

    Supply, repair and exchange DCS Foxboro I/A Obsolete, Honeywell, ABB and other control equipment (PLC, Power Supplies) with a new ones and able to repair any of the existing failed ones, if possible.