List of Projects related to Oil and Gas Equipment

1. Garraf Field Development Project

Completed FEED and Detailed Design engineering of Production and Produced Water business being integrated into the Weatherford as a drilling and services company.

Our Director was responsible for all commercial and technical performance of contracts to ensure that the project is executed in conformance with the Petronas specifications in terms of quality, cost and schedule. Specific responsibilities include; defining and disseminating the scope of work to all internal disciplines; establishing and maintaining the overall project budget; developing and maintaining the overall project schedule; coordinating the engineering, procurement and construction management activities in order to achieve the stated objectives of the project; issuing project status reports for client and management review; providing direct supervision to all assigned project engineers. Developed the business and managed the FEED, Detailed Design and the EPCC for the Garraf Field Development Project. The Project is a multi-phase development of oil and gas field, facilities, processing, transportation and storage being undertaken in Iraq by the Petronas. The scope of work includes equipment, fabrication, construction, materials and consumables, management & services to deliver fully functional, completed production process facilities and ready for tie-in to the gathering stations. Process facilities to be engineered and constructed under a Weatherford Oil Tool ME LLC as an EPC that include all field production gathering, processing, distribution, utilities, temporary works and infrastructure.

2. Project for GKPI

“Engineer, Fabricate and Supply of Crude Oil Coolers to “Gulf Keystone Petroleum International”

3. Engineer, Fabricate and Supply Fire Water Pumps to “Spetco/KOC”

Engineer, Fabricate and Supply Fire Water Pumps to “Spetco/KOC”

4. Engineer and Fabricate of Gas Treatment Plant to “KAR Oil & Gas” in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq

Reverse Engineering the Plant that was purchased and partially assembled. Engineering in coordination with DPS (Penspen now), Purchasing by KAR and Installation by KAR were completed for the whole plant including the H2S Incinerators. Also, the F&G, SD and Control PLC control Systems that were assembled, FAT in Dubai and USA. The plant was completed successfully and is being produced the design flow of 120 MMSCPD.